Nikolaj Korelov was born in 1963 in Kursk, Russia. In 1986 he finished The Art College in Simferopol and entered Kiev State Academy Of Art in Ukraine. After finishing academy in 1991 the artist started participating in art exhibitions in Prague, Czech Republic. Nikolaj also took part in the art exhibition in Berlin, Germany, where his works were seen by hundreds of people and noted with high interest.
    In 1993 he moved to the USA, where he lived and worked until 1995. Nikolaj had portrayed famous actors and musicians, like Frank Sinatra or Barbara Strreisand, working for the Virgin Records in Atlanta. His works were frequently exposed in Los Angeles, Laguna Beach or Santa Monica in years 1993 to 1994, and in New York, during the Art Expo.
    Since 1995 the artist lives in Prague, where he works and participates in current exhibitions not only in Prague galleries, but all around the world, including his successful exhibition in New Orleans.
    During his bright and diverse art career Nikolaj Korelov had many famous international clients, including Pill Collins, American media star Ted Koppel or actor George Hamilton. His work can be seen in many galleries and he hopes for more success in the future.